Upcoming: CMS on jScope/MVC4/WebAPI

Recently I’ve built a commercial multi-portal Web 2.0 CMS that greatly utilizes the idea of pure client-side rendering described in my articles. It’s basically jScope/jQuery rendering on top of HTML-only templates with back-end REST endpoints serving JSON and there is

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jScope & LIVE demos!

A couple of latest updates. First of, I renamed jsDaST into jScope – I think this name is more natural. Second, I’m currently doing official jScope documentation and expect it to be ready some time next week. Once ready, it

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jsRazor vs. AngularJS: let the battle begin!

After my first jsRazor article I got lots of feedback suggesting to do the actual jsRazor comparison to some existing frameworks. I decided to start from AngularJS and here is my new article: jsRazor vs. AngularJS: “Todo” and “JS Projects” demos

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Client vs. server rendering: are you still using ASP, MVC, JSP, or other?

Being a back-end programming expert, I was always leaning towards the server-side template based rendering. However, a while ago, after working with numerous client-side templating engines and weighing all pros and cons, I finally decided to switch most of my web apps

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ASP.NET DaST vs. MVC and WebForms

  I finally published the article on CodeProject: ASP.NET DaST to wrestle with MVC and WebForms  . This article essentially is a prettified version of our DaST tutorial that you find on this site, so if you prefer CodeProject look

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News: CP article on its way + release

I’m writing article on CodeProject that will be available in a couple of days. This article is needed to summarize all work done in this project so far. The link will be posted here very soon. Also, made another minor

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DaST moved to Makeitsoft.com

After people complained several times that old rgubarenko.net site was not working, I decided to move all DaST related stuff to more stable and secure server at Makeitsoft.com. Moreover there are more interesting upcoming projects that will need a primary

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Two (yes, only 2) tiny JavaScript funcs replace the entire ASP, PHP, JSP, or whatever back-end page!

jsRazor in action: recreate AngularJS demos using jsRazor to show the difference.
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