ASP.NET DaST vs. MVC and WebForms



I finally published the article on CodeProject: ASP.NET DaST to wrestle with MVC and WebForms  . This article essentially is a prettified version of our DaST tutorial that you find on this site, so if you prefer CodeProject look and feel, you can read it there.


Software Architect with over 15 years in IT field. Started with deep math and C++ Computer Vision software. Currently in .NET and PHP web development. Creator of DaST pattern, open-source frameworks, and plugins. Interested in cutting Edge IT, open-source, Web 2.0, .NET, MVC, C++, Java, jQuery, Mobile tech, and extreme sports.

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2 comments on “ASP.NET DaST vs. MVC and WebForms
  1. craig says:

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been following the project for quite a while and I’m pretty sure its potential will be appreciated by the public in the near future.

  2. Dosmildoce says:

    Hi, you have to open, for example, csourmes_listCategoriesandProducts.asp and addin the SQL sentence that list products the field Visits.Then, you have to assign the value to a new variable, like this:pVisits= rstemp( visits ) Finaly, you have to show the value in itemDetailsSm.asp:Popularity: []

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